Self-catering camp & conference centre on north coast of KZN
Sunbury Christian Camp
PO Box 101
Kwazulu Natal

Phone: 076 780 0798
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When you arrive at Sunbury

  • Go straight to the Camp Office to introduce yourself
  • Sign the Indemnity Form and go over the Sunbury Camp Rules and other forms with the Camp Host. This is an important part of starting your camp well
  • Either you or your Leader #3 hands out room keys - No keys may be taken before the Camp Leader signs forms (#2)
  • Unused room keys should remain on the board in the Sitting Room


Please plan your camp so that no one goes through the gate between 11pm and 6am This allows the missionaries living at Sunbury time to sleep without disturbance. Have your speakers stay at the camp with you so they do not to drive out the gate during the night. We realize there may be unusual circumstances - please speak with Sunbury staff BEFORE you come to Sunbury.

Before leaving Sunbury

  • Tell your campers to leave beds unmade
  • Tell you campers that dorm rooms can be left unlocked with windows and doors closed
  • Please make sure your campers do not leave their personal belongings behind We will only hold them for 2 months
  • Our housekeeping ladies must be finished cleaning up after you by 3pm your last day. If they are kept longer, you will be charged for the extra time - R300/hour deducted from your security deposit
  • All keys must be placed by Leader #3 on the board in the Sitting Room. The charge for a missing key is R50 deducted from your security deposit
  • If you leave food at Sunbury, PLEASE do not give it directly to our housekeeping ladies. Tell the Camp Host what you are leaving. The Host will pass on to our workers. All our workers (Grounds Crew and Housekeeping Staff) get Sunbury ready for camps but not all workers are here at Sunbury during camps. Since ALL our workers help prepare Sunbury, we want to pass food out more equitably between our workers
  • You and your campers must leave Sunbury by 3pm

Return of your security deposit

  • By the end of 4 days after you leave Sunbury, our staff has had time to evaluate our facilities
  • Your security deposit will be returned via EFT minus the cost of damages or loss of Sunbury property, if there is any
  • We do not accept security deposits in the place of camp fee payments
  • We will not transfer your security deposit to your next camp unless you book during your stay at Sunbury

Planning for a camp

Begin planning 6 months before your camp weekend. You do not have to do everything yourself. Find others who will help plan and take charge of one of the following areas.

Leader 1 ___________________________

Food - find someone who will be in charge of the cooks, menu planning, buying the food, and transporting the food to Sunbury.

Leader 2 ___________________________

Registration - as people sign up for your camp, this leader will give them information they need about your camp at Sunbury, will keep track of payments, etc. As campers pay ahead, this leader will give the names to Leader #3 to assign them a room.

When you make the payment at Sunbury Camp, this leader will go with you to make the payment with the list of campers created by Leader #3.

Leader 3 ___________________________

Camper Rooms - as campers sign up for your camp, have a leader take all the names of the campers who are coming and put them on the Room Register Form. When campers arrive at Sunbury, check their name off the Room Assignment Form, and let them know their room number and Dorm Building. When your camp is over, all campers must give their room key to this leader to hand in to Sunbury.

Help your campers by letting them have time to save up for the camp and paying small amounts through the year for their camp fees. Give them the date of the final deadline that all money must be in. Your camp fees should include the Sunbury fee PLUS the cost of the food per person. If you have other costs, you need to also add that to your camp fee.

  • Sunbury fees for each person
  • Total food divided by number of campers
  • Other expenses divided by number of campers
    Add 1, 2, 3, together - that will be the camp fee for each camper

Two Months before Camp

  • The menu for all your meals should be done
  • The shopping list for all your meals should be complete. Please remember to add breakfast and lunch costs for our housekeeping ladies during your camp. Call Sunbury if you want to know how many ladies to plan for - it depends on the number of campers
  • Have all your plans for the conference hall meetings finished

One Month before Camp

  • You should have your list of campers ready - keep adding last minute campers
  • Know who will be shopping for the food - give them the shopping list
  • The person in charge of the cooks should have a list of cooks they have asked to help. Cooks should stay at Sunbury during camp

Two Weeks before Camp

  • The Room Register Form should be complete with camper names
  • All campers should have paid their fees
  • You should know who ALL your camp leaders are and what they will be doing during camp
  • Speakers/pastor should be assigned a VIP room
  • CONTACT Sunbury Camp and tell them the following:
    - Approximate number of campers you are planning for
    - Time YOU will arrive at Sunbury - YOU must arrive before the campers or with the campers
       You MUST meet with the Sunbury Host as soon as you arrive
    - Time the FOOD will arrive at Sunbury
    - Time the campers will begin arriving at Sunbury
    - Additional requests or questions
  • Give all the drivers a copy of the map to Sunbury Christian Camp

Week of Camp

Call Sunbury Camp and go over the camper number and time you will arrive. If you have changes, please let Sunbury know.
Food for your camp may be brought to Sunbury for storage in the kitchen pantry at 12:30 pm on the day of your arrival. No keys will be given out until the Camp Leader arrives.

If you need anything unusual, please speak with Sunbury staff first. For example we have a stock of tablecloths for camp use - please do not use our sheets for the tables.
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