Self-catering camp & conference centre on north coast of KZN
Sunbury Christian Camp
PO Box 101
Kwazulu Natal

Phone: 076 780 0798
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About our kitchen and staff:

Our housekeeping staff assist with:

  • Washing Sunbury dishes, pots and pans, cutlery, and utensils only. You wash your own
  • Putting away all dishes
  • Setting out crockery and cutlery for meals
  • Keeping the kitchen and dining hall clean
  • Keeping public toilets, toilets in Dorms 1 & 2 clean. Our housekeeping staff do not enter camper dorm rooms so they will not be cleaning toilets in Dorm 3 or the VIP rooms
  • If there is an emergency, please let your camp host know as soon as possible
  • Setting up iron and ironing board in the dining hall building

Please feed our Housekeeping Staff breakfast and lunch before your campers so they are ready to start washing when your campers finish eating.

The Housekeeping Staff should NOT be asked to:

  • Assist with food preparation or cooking.
  • Act as messenger to the camp host. Please do this yourself.
  • Wash your personal dishes or equipment.
  • Do ironing.

Please allow ONLY your cooks in the kitchen. The sinks in the kitchen are for kitchen staff ONLY.

Campers can wash their hands in the toilet rooms outside of the dining hall, in the back of the conference hall, or in the sink on the Dining Hall Verandah.

About games & sports equipment:

Ask Sunbury Hosts for games/sports equipment listed below, or request it at the Tuck Shop. If balls need replacing or air, please see the Sunbury Host.

Games Room:

- Carpet Ball
- Table Tennis
- Foosball Table (soccer table game)

Outdoor Equipment:

- Soccer balls
- Volley ball
- Cricket bat & ball

The replacement value of any damaged or missing equipment will be deducted from your security deposit.

On day camp leaves:

On morning of departure, please tell campers not to make beds. Leave duvets turned down. Please shut windows, turn off room lights and leave rooms unlocked. No dishes, glasses or mugs should be left in the rooms - please return them to the Dining Hall.

Room keys. Please have one of your group collect all room keys at the end of camp and place them on the hooks on the board in the front sitting room. All keys must be returned prior to the camp leader's departure. There will be a R50 charge for each missing key.


Our service to you:

Dear Camp Leader(s):

We would like to help you plan for a great camping experience at Sunbury.

Sunbury provides:

  • Housekeeping staff
  • Game Room
  • Sports fields and equipment
  • Swimming Pool: You are responsible for safety in and around the pool area. Please make sure that children don't wander into that area unsupervised. Absolutely no babies with nappies in the pool. Nappies disintegrate and clog up our filter system. No food by the pool please.
  • Children's outdoor play area
  • Tuck Shop run by the Sunbury Camp Host. The camp leader arranges times with the Sunbury Host
  • Security: The camp gate is kept closed between 11 pm and 6 am. Please plan your arrivals and departures around that. We understand that sometimes there may be exceptions. Please speak with the Camp Host as early as possible about any exceptions
  • A braai are is located on the Dining Hall verandah and is available for your use. Please bring your own wood or charcoal, and starter
  • Conference Hall & Meeting Room. Please speak ahead with our staff about audio visual equipment. Our supply is very limited
  • Emergency cleaning kit (in the pantry) for use by camp leaders for things such as cleaning up after a sick camper

You bring:

  • Food, cooks/caterer
  • Towels, hand soap, toiletries
  • Wood for the braai
  • Games and activities in case of rainy weather

Please download our Room Register form to help simplify room assignments and distribution of keys. This form will also help you on the day of departure as you get room keys back. There is a R50 charge for each key that is not returned by the time your camp leader leaves Sunbury.

Please have all your camp staff read the camp rules PRIOR to your arrival at Sunbury. We expect your campers to follow our rules.

Your leader must meet with the Sunbury Host upon arrival. The Host will go through some paperwork and instructions prior to turning over room keys to the leader. Please note: We will not allow the campers entrance to rooms or facilities before your camp leader arrives.

We hope that you have a great camping experience. If we can help in any way, please give us a call at 076 780 0798.

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