Self-catering camp & conference centre on north coast of KZN
Sunbury Christian Camp
PO Box 101
Kwazulu Natal

Phone: 076 780 0798
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Additional Rules:

  • Tampering with fire extinguishers or fire alarm horns will result in a fine of R500
  • No alcohol is allowed on the premises and no smoking is allowed inside any of the buildings
  • We have our own animals and cannot accommodate other pets on our premises
  • Many rubbish bins have been provided for your use, please place all litter in them

On last day of your camp:

  • Please leave the used beds turned down or unmade
  • Please close the windows and turn off the lights before you leave
  • Room keys must be left with the Sunbury Camp Host. There is a R50 fee if a key is not returned prior to your departure
  • On the last day lunch must be served no later than 1:00 pm as departure time is 3:00 pm. Our staff requires the time between 1:45-3:00 pm to clean the kitchen on that day. If they are kept past 3:00 pm there is a penalty of R300 per hour

Your Camp leadership is responsible to see that campers abide by these rules. Failure to follow these rules could result in penalties. We reserve the right to withhold your deposit in the event of loss or damage to Sunbury property. We reserve the right to refuse your camp in the future in the case of chronic disregard of these rules.

We hope you enjoy your stay and will leave refreshed!

Sunbury Camp Rules

Parking & Grounds:

Vehicles may only be parked in the designated area next to and behind Dorm 3. No parking is allowed on the grassy areas between the buildings. The residential area across from the gate and past the swimming pool is out of bounds. PLEASE NO carving or writing on any trees or Sunbury property.

Gate & Fence:

The gate is CLOSED from 11 pm to 6 am. Any entry or exit during this time must be prearranged with the Camp Director or the Sunbury Camp Host. In the case of an emergency, your Camp Leader should phone the Host. Please do not disturb residential staff to open the gate after hours. The electric fence is live 24 hours a day. Campers should stay at least 3m away from the fence. If you would like the fence to be turned off during sports, your Camp Leader must advise the Host in advance.

Swimming Pool:

In the interest of safety, the pool has a fence around it with a secure gate. You are welcome to use the pool, but once the pool is in use, your camp leadership is responsible for safety. Campers must refrain from rough and dangerous activities in and around the pool area. There must be adult supervision at the pool when children under 14 are present.

  • NO nappies allowed in the pool because they disintegrate and clog up our filter system
  • ABSOLUTELY NO food or drink is to be in the fenced in pool area


Campers are welcome to use the playground equipment & games room. However, it is expected that this will be done responsibly and with appropriate supervision where required. NO messy activities allowed. We keep our facilities clean and tidy so all camp groups can enjoy Sunbury. If you have questions about what is "messy" please speak to Sunbury leaders prior to camp. There are other ways your youth can have fun.

Sunbury Cleaning Staff:

Our maids are here to clean and may not be asked to do food preparation. You are responsible to provide breakfast and lunch for our maids.

Dorm Rooms:

  • Please do not separate bunk beds or move furniture, rather discuss your needs with the Host
  • Ironing not allowed in dorm rooms. If you need to iron, you may do so in the kitchen. An ironing board is available under the kitchen counter and the iron is kept in the pantry
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